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Are Polka Dot Dresses In Style

Are Polka Dot Dresses In Style?

If your thinking that Polka Dot Dresses or not in Style then think again, They have always been in style and they always will be.

The trouble is the trend! You will see for yourself that polka dot dresses will be everywhere one minute and then for a few months nothing.

Every fashion guru will have some sort of Polka Dot in their fashion arsenal whether it is a Top, blouse, cardigan or dress. They all have them.

They have been resurging this season of 2018 and I am sure that there will be no slowing down in 2019.

polka dot dresses on catwalk 2018 polka dot dresses on catwalk 2018

Pretty Woman

For a Summer Polka Dress, you can’t go wrong with that brown dress that Julia Roberts Worn In the film Pretty Women. This Sevozimda Women Casual Brown Polka Dot Dress Will have you looking Like a star in no time.

If its good enough for Julia Roberts Its Good enough For You.

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Night Out Style

You can look Fantastic in Polka Dots with this Jessica Simpson Women’s polka Dress, Simple but yet stunning and very retro looking. Especially if you are wearing High heels, your look skinnier.

Or you can really go out in style and get a complete cocktail look, which will bring a lot of attention if you want it. Just be careful of what your drinking or eating, as you won’t want to spoil this dress.

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Office Polka Dot Style

midi office dress

You might notice that polka dot dresses are even coming into the office work environment. There is no need to go overboard with style for that kind of environment, You just need to get a simple polka dot dress like this Sleeved Pleated Polka Dot.

TOP TIP – Long Sleeved Dresses Are Important as You Show off Less Skin, fewer men perving and a More Professional Look.

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Winter Casual Polka Dot

casual look

For Winter, a lovely yellow polka dot dress like this Roman Originals is great for casual dress style, especially in the winter. These are great for casual wear and they can be used for a lot of different events.

Top Tip – Make sure you wear a nice thick pair of tights to keep you nice and warm for winter.

Do you have a favourite style of Polka Dot Dress, Let me know in the comments below.

Maddy x

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