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Hell Bunny – Sarah Jane Coat Review

Official Seller :- Hell Bunny Sara Jane Coat

Hell Bunny Brand Number One best Selling coat and I have been lucky to receive one as an early Christmas present from my partner and what Can I say about this coat?

With the winter season now in full session but at the time of writing we are getting a lot of rain here in the uk. I have been lucky to have been bought me a hell bunny Sarah Jane coat and I am doing a little review with it. 

The Look

The Look is very impressive and gives away cuteness and sexiness at the same time. Having the red version (more different colors available) it gives me the feeling of being Red Riding Hood.

Which can be a good thing or maybe a bad thing as you dont know what attention you get.

How Comfortable is it?

Well, I am not going to lie, to me, it is not the most comfortable coat that I have ever worn. Don’t know why but I found myself adjusting my coat now and again. but it fitted very well.

Does It Keep you Warm?

Hell yes – it really does. Don’t know what actually material they make it from but it certainly does keep you warm. I really can’t wait to wear when its full on freezing over here in the UK. 


  • Will Keep You Very Warm Even In The Coldest Conditions
  • Very Stylish, cuteness and Sexiness at the Same Time
  • Great Compliments from strangers while wearing it
  • Hood is amazing around the ears
  • My Partner Thinks Its Amazing Coat and when your partner compliments you, you know it


I really do not have many bad issues with this coat about from a few.

  • Can only really wear it when its winter but that’s the point 
  • Too cute and can get the wrong attention
  • Not the most comfortable Coat

Get the Coat Here From

Different Colours

Even Though I have the Red One, There are a few more Colours that you can choose from as I have researched.

All Black

Sarah Jane All Black, View It Here if you want the stealth cute ninja look.

The Pinky One.

The Pink One, View It Here  For the Princess look.

The Purple One

The Purple One – Click Here To View For the more Young Gothic look.


dont wear a skirt with your hell bunny sarah jane

TOP TIP… Please, If you do buy one of this coats from Hell Bunny, Do not wear a LONG Skirt With it. Really Does not WORK!

The best way to wear a coat like this is to wear a short dress/skirt with some Very Thick Dark Tights (so you do not get too cold) And High Heels. OR Black jeans and Some Nice Tall Boots. Which Way you choose is up to you but wearing a long skirt For Me is a No No. 

Get the Coat Here From

If You have this coat I would really love to know, Please comment below. Maddy.

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