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Rockabilly Style Shoes For Women

Rockabilly Style Shoes For Women

Editor – Just My Personal Experience not a Review

Rockabilly clothing and style are getting again more and more popular in today’s fashion industry and probably will never ever go out of fashion. Many big name brands are even getting on board to get a bit of the market especially when it comes to Rockabilly Shoes.

Today’s designs are that you get the Stylish Retro Shoe to look Yet because Of the Design in today’s manufacturing you will get a very comfortable wear.

In our guide, we have Different Rockabilly Shoe styles and we will tell you what they’re for and when to wear them. If you are interested we will Link Directly To The shop that you can get them from.

The Top Rockabilly Style Shoes For Women

Rockabilly Flats

Rockabilly Flat Shoes are really for the everyday girl, You can wear them for practically any situation and any rockabilly style. They do come in 3 different heights.

You can get Flat Boot Style, Above The Ankle style or below the ankle style, Majority of rockabilly flats that women do buy are below the ankle like ballet shoes.

Below The Ankle Flats

rockabilly below ankle flat

The most Popular rockabilly flats are the below the ankle flat, which are simple and can go with any rockabilly style. They also do make your legs look longer which is a good thing for us girls.

How I wear my Rockabilly – Below The Ankle Flats

I found out that showing some Ankle can make you look taller and elongate your body, making you look taller and sexier. The method to this is as simple as the more skin you show (without exposing your main body parts) The more temptation there is and You know that a women’s ankle is deemed a very sexy part of our female body.

Show Your Ankle for casual style, work or even being a hot chic. These styles work with them.

Positives – I have a few pairs of these in my wardrobe as I find them easy to put on and go, Even in the winter when I am in a rush they are good for everyday use. I personally never wear socks with these but there is nothing wrong if you want to and if you do make sure you have ankle socks to stay out of sight.

I personally find them great to dance in but that’s just my own opinion. They make me look longer and slimmer and that’s good with me.

Negatives – Feet will get really cold if you are going to wear them in winter, feet hurt if you walk too much in them and sometimes can give me cramp in my feet (maybe just getting old). I Am always buying new pairs as they do wear out quickly as I Use them too much. (my bad)

Straight Too – Sexy Styles Of  “Below The Ankle Flats” On


Rockabilly “Above The Ankle”, & “Flat Boot Style”

As you can guess – with Flats, I prefer myself Below the ankle style but I will talk about the other two styles here.

The Rockabilly Above The ankle Flats

rockabilly above the ankle shoes

The rockabilly Above the Ankle flats, in my opinion, does shorten the leg in the viewer’s eye, I found them to be conservative but Safe in any style that I wore (with ankle socks I might add).

How I wear my Rockabilly – Above The Ankle Flats

For me personally, I wear this kind of flats for when I want to feel safe and professional. for instance, a family gathering or some sort of office meeting. You might differ from my opinion but that’s just me. I wear this with some dark Jeans that are plain with no patterns or anything. Just go Simple and pro girls.

Positives – They really suit a Nice atmosphere, I mean like being at a social advent or with your family, You don’t show to much ankle so you can feel relaxed. If your like walking, you can walk in this style for miles without them annoying you.

Negatives – The one thing that I can’t do with these and it might be because I have larger ankles is Dance with them, they rub my ankle up the wrong way and it is very annoying. Don’t feel comfortable in them and that makes my sexiness lowered.

If you have different experiences please feel free to comment below. I will gladly respond whether it is negative or positive.

Straight Too – Sexy Styles Of  “Above The Ankle Flats” On


Flat Boot Style

To be honest, I don’t own a pair of these kinds of flats and I have never worn them. I don’t know why but I just feel they’re not for me so I can’t really help you guys decide to get any of these. Any advice I can give you is a few of my rockabilly chick friends love them and they make them taller and sexier.


Rockabilly Heels

rockabilly heels

Let us face it, us girls will and always have loved heels as they go with practically any off our rockabilly clothing. They look great in Jeans, dresses and even skin-tight leggings. With the right colours and mixture, you can get away with wearing them with practically anything in your rockabilly wardrobe.

How I wear my Rockabilly Heels.

I love to wear these kinds of style shoes either when I am let loose on a night out or when I feeling professional at my career. I always find heels are sexy when you feel confident in walking in them. You cannot wear heels if you can’t walk them in the properly. This is why you make sure you get the right fit.

I wear them with either Jeans or dresses that are not the same colour as I like to be totally different. Sometimes wear them with my leggings but that’s when I’m just popping out to the local shop or meeting up with my girlfriends.

Positives – Fantastic great style and works with almost anything. Look great, taller and Slimmer wearing them and of course, they are Rockabilly styled.

Negatives – Can’t really walk in them all day so if you have a Job sat at the computer answering calls all day you be ok but for any other job it is a big no-no.  For dancing, I also find them a no-no but that’s just my opinion as I know girls dance the night away in them.  Rockabilly Heels will break if you are too vigorous in them.

Straight To Rockabilly Heels On


Rockabilly Boots

rockabilly boots

Rockabilly boots or short boots as above, are the perfect example of when a girl is feeling power and confident within herself. The attitude with wearing these kinds of shoes is “I rock”

How I wear Rockabilly Boots

I mostly wear boots with Jeans really for when I’m feeling that I’m going to war, They empower me and especially when I am on a back of a motorbike feeling free (when its hot outside). Boots are great for women to wear with jeans, chequered top and a great hairband with sunglasses.

Positives – You will feel confident wearing them, great for walking miles in them too. Totally comfortable and when you feel like taking on the world get them on. If you get into a heated dispute you can always kick them in the shins ;-).

Negatives – Can give out the vibe that you are a tomboy, which I’m not but I don’t care.  Can’t really go out dancing in them but you can try. Will give you blisters when you first start using them.

Straight To Rockabilly Boots On

If you love rockabilly, would love to know your favourite kind of rockabilly shoes and style, feel free to comment below. 😉 Maddy.



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